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Mining, Oil, and Gas

The Eurasian countries seek economic growth based on sustainable development. These countries possess large quantities of natural resources, including gold, oil, and gas. The availability of such natural resources makes the Eurasian countries important targets for foreign investment. Combined with the strong commitment of the Eurasian governments to attract foreign investment, the natural resources of the region offer innumerable business and investment opportunities to the global economy. 


Our consultants have considerable experience working in the natural resource sector. These experiences include structuring private placement for a mining company in Kazakhstan with private international investors in the amount of $50 million; Uzbekistan; and negotiating a tender offer for a company valued in excess of $250 million, to highlight a few examples.


A group of experienced professional firms, comprised of global leaders in the technical.asp.html"cts of CBM/CMM recovery and utilisation plus experts in business and project development, is prepared to join with a Key Partners to implement the Methane Development Programme, EC serves as a managing partner in projects to commercialize the methane resources in countries around the world.


Several of our consultants have advised governments, multilateral institutions and strategic investors on the possible ventures regarding natural resources in many countries of the region, including Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Yugoslavia. Our diverse and expansive range of experience allows us to address many areas of issue for those investing in the natural resources of Eurasian countries knowledgably, to best serve our clients.


Eurasia Consulting seeks to assist those businesses and individuals wishing to enter this investment market of natural resources. Eurasia Consulting has considerable experience in the financing, restructuring and privatization of the natural resource sector of transition economies, such as those of the former socialist countries of the Eurasian region.

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