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Joint Venture Consulting Services

Eurasia Consulting can assist those agencies, companies, corporations, and individuals with the legal.asp.html"cts of entering into joint venture agreements, either domestically or abroad. Our firm offers cradle-to-grave service for joint ventures, from the initial formation stage, through the joint venture’s implementation and execution, to its termination, if necessary.


One of our consultants in particular has expertise in the creation and management of joint ventures. For example, he has registered and negotiated a joint venture in Tashkent, Uzbekistan for the production of the jewelry and other precious metals; assisted in negotiating project finance credit facility from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Bank in Uzbekistan; and provided legal and transaction services for Azeri-Turkmani Joint Venture.


Additionally, another of our Senior Consultants has more than 10 years' experience advising clients on trade and investment matters in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.  He has ensured quality control over Russian and Ukrainian attorneys’ work product and overseen litigation in Russia.  He has also analyzed political and legal risk of proposed investments/transactions. Notably, this Senior Consultant led team of attorneys for a USAID Net Assessment of Contract/Judgment Enforcement and Alternative Dispute Resolution in Ukraine

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