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Eurasia Consulting personnel have developed a reputation for their expertise in border controls and customs operations and technology. Both in the United States and abroad, we have overseen the technical and management support for multiple security systems for borders and customs. Several of our consultants are currently involved in numerous border security and customs evaluation programs globally. Our experiences include supervisory capacity for the National Border Control Program in Macedonia; cargo inspection program definitions and evaluations for Argentina, Ecuador, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic; engagement with the freight cargo inspection program in Uzbekistan; and explosive detection for port security in the United States.


Airport Security and Border Inspection


We have consultants who in particular specialize in airport security and border inspection. They participated actively in promotion of x-ray detection for customs operations resulted from the coordination of a demonstration of X-Ray scanning to the United States Customs Service in 1989. This technique had then been tested and installed in the port of Tacoma Washington for operation between 1993 and 1995, during which ninety-two percent accuracy had been maintained. The system's reputability earned itself installation in the ports of Abu Dhabi, Israel, Malaysia and South Korea.


Furthermore our personnel is recognized throughout the security community in the United States and in many foreign countries as an experts in Civil Aviation and Cargo Security. This group is experienced in all phases of the security business in terms of hardware, personnel and complex, high threat, international and domestic security requirements. This Senior Consultant conceived of, devised and arranged for the deployment of the first high threat, high technology passenger screening checkpoint post 9/11 at the Orlando International Airport


Vehicle and Railway Inspection


Railway environments present special challenges for the safety and security industry. Eurasia Consulting has demonstrated experience in the field of cargo/passenger and vehicle inspection.   

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