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Government Relation Services

Successful investments need good collaborative relations with officials at both the national and local government levels.  From approaching ministries of energy for natural gas projects to state judicial systems for legal reform projects, Eurasia Consulting has worked with its clientele to gather necessary support from the host government.             


Constructive relations with the business and political elite are necessary to sustain the viability of the venture within the foreign economy.     Moreover, the nascent republics of the region benefit from foreign agencies that address cultural and societal issues in the region.  Thus, as foreign investment provides substantial growth for the economy, the presence of foreign capital within a country requires the investors to develop a rapport with the local authorities in order to be cognizant of its capabilities within the boundaries of the host political regime.  Furthermore, investors benefit from developing relations with government establishment, as they are capable of determining an official interpretation of the local environment and the prospect of continuing further investment.  From industrial regulation to acquisition, government relations serve to improve the experience of the foreign investor abroad.


Our consultants  have considerable expertise in the field of government relations. As counsel and legal advisor to both the Peace Corps (Washington, D.C) and USAID (Washington, D.C.) our consultants have worked with both governmental and non-governmental organizations throughout the world. Notably, while Regional Legal Advisor and Director of Democratic Transition (Almaty, Kazakhstan) for USAID, one of our consultants managed five contractors and U.S. NGOs, a team of over twenty- five professionals in democratic and legal development in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. He represented USAID with all branches of each government, U.S. Ambassadors, USIS and other U.S. and international agencies.


In addition, our consultants are experts on international relations and the governments of many countries around the world. Our consultants are especially knowledgeable on the relations between the United States and the successor states of the Soviet Union (having gained experience in the region during the Soviet era). This familiarity with the local governments of these countries enables our consultants to efficiently address the issues that arise when a foreign company or corporation wishes to invest in another.


            All consultants at Eurasia Consulting are capable of providing its clientele with necessary relations for ventures in the former Soviet Union and the Central Asian Region.  With years of experience in dealing directly with officials at embassies overseas or officials in the ministries of local governments, Eurasia Consulting has been able to provide its clients with necessary familiarity with official agencies of the Republics in order to provide successful business ventures in both profit and non-profit sectors.      

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