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International Legal Services

Serge Bauer, P.C.

Serge Bauer, P.C. offers extensive experience with regard to market penetration in emerging markets. Political, economic and social barriers often thwart the prospect of entering foreign markets. These same barriers deter foreign investment on account of a lack of familiarity with the region of interest. Additionally, risk associated with the nascent capital markets of emerging economies makes the possibility of financing projects very costly.

Privatization of previously state owned enterprises also encompasses close connection with governments that previously chided capitalist ventures. Moreover, underdeveloped infrastructure and protectionist measures hinder timely distribution of inventories to markets, thereby suffocating prospects of market penetration.

For more information on Serge Bauer, PC, please click on the following link: Serge Bauer, PC.

Washington, D.C. Office:
Serge Bauer, P.C.
2200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.,
4th Floor East,
Washington, D.C., 20037-1701
Telephone: (202) 775-9344
Facsimile: (202) 775-9341
Tel:+7 499 703 35 13

    New York, NY Office:
   Serge Bauer, P.C.
   230 Park Avenue, Suite 1000
   New York, NY 10169
   Telephone: (212) 808-6567, (888) 604-8221
Moscow Office:
Serge Bauer, P.C.
21/1 Noviy ArbatMoscow, Russia
Telephone: +7 (095) 291-3941
Facsimile: +7 (095) 202-6063

Defense and Airport and Border Security

Smart Approach, PLC

Smart Approach, PLC deals with preparation and training of personnel for the organizations of the increased risk, such as airports, government establishments, military bases, and penitentiaries. The company was established in 1997 in Great Britain, and at the present moment has offices in Washington, USA and New Delhi, India. The company specializes in the problems of strengthening control, and increasing safety in connection with averting terrorist acts directed against civil aviation. Smart Approach consults the governments of different countries, international airports, military and law-enforcement organizations, and also commercial clients throughout the world.

From the moment of its inception, the company ensured the instruction more than 20000 managers and colleagues of law-enforcement agencies. The company developed more than computer based instruction 150 programs, over seventy percent of which were intended for clients in aviation safety. During August 2000, Smart Approach's training program SmartCourse Checkpoint obtained the official acknowledgement of the Federal Aviation Agency of the United States. The safety system Smart System developed by company Smart Approach was established in the International Airport of Dubai.

The program, equipped for the instruction alongside Smart Approach software, was established in South Korea, in the International Airport Gimpo. A similar class was also equipped in the Prague International Airport. Smart Approach collaborates with government organizations and the industrial companies, including the group of security equipment manufacturers, for the purpose of the curricula development and improvement, X-Ray detection equipment, and other safety systems.

For more information on Smart Approach, PLC, please contact: John H. Huey.

Project Finance and Venture Capital

Pierce Financial Corporation

Since 1978, Pierce Financial Corporation has offered its clients investment banking and financial consulting services to both private and public companies both in the United States and abroad. Corporate financial services include private placements of debt and equity, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, buy-outs and financial consulting. Pierce specializes in four fields: telecommunications and media, enterprise software, information technology and renewable energy. Each sector has a managing director, who specializes in the field, in addition to a group of technical advisors and specialists.

For more information on Pierce Financial Corporation, please contact: Peter Yanachkov.

Real Estate Development

Bauer Organization

Clients of Bauer Organization include developers or landowners involved in commercial real estate projects. The company has experienced staff capable of providing support in all.asp.html"cts of such projects, including the performance of real estate due diligence, the structuring of real estate financing and the preparation and implementation of development and other real estate agreements. In this respect, the firm expertise in the sale, leasing and marketing in the major real estate markets

For more information on Bauer Organization, please contact: Serge Bauer.

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