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Civic Center for Anti-Crisis Studies

Civic Center for Anti-Crisis Studies, Kyiv, Ukraine

Center is a civic organization created at the end of 1998 by the group of analysts –representatives of research, analytical, educational and business - government and non-government as well as private organizations. The main goal of the Center is to: consolidate the knowledge and efforts of experts in socio-economic and public spheres; to conduct research and undertake efficient measures; to overcome systemic socio-economic crisis in Ukrainian society; to influence the forming of public opinion, and realization of State policy measures; to promote the implementation of economic and political reforms in Ukraine.

At the project basis Center co-operated and continue cooperation with International organizations and funds: United Nations, UNDP, International Labor Organization, International Organization on Migration, USAID, Freedom House, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Soros Foundation; National organizations: National Institute for Strategic Studies (Office of the President of Ukraine), Ministry of Economics of Ukraine. National Academy of Public Administration, State Committee on Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship, State Committee on Standardization and Consumer Rights Protection, State Agency of Investments and Innovations, Committee of Verkhovna Rada on the Economic Policy Affairs, Institute of Economics and Forecasting, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Economics, Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine, UNIAN Informational agency and many others.

Main Projects

  • Economic Democracy and the Development of Local Governance (2003)
  • National Investment Potential as a basis of Economic Growth of Ukraine (2001)
  • Foreign Investments and National Capital: Paradigm of Co-operation (2001)
  • Ukraine in WTO: Expectations and Real Prospectives (2002)
  • Small and Medium Business: Searching the Way in the Strategy of Economic Growth in Ukraine (2002)
  • Engraving Economic Reforms: Receipts of Growth (2000)
  • Taxes in Ukraine: from Punishment to Stimulation (2003)
  • National Capital and its Role in Crisis Overcoming in Ukraine (1999)
  • Domestic Market of Ukraine as an Engine on Economic Growth (1999)
  • Creation of the Favorable Climate For the National Business Development (1998)
  • Economy of Ukraine in the Post-Electoral Period and the Agenda for the Government (2006)
  • Problems and Priorities of Innovational Model of Development of Ukrainian Economy (2006)
  • Economic Dialogue: Partnership in the Name of Progress (2007)
  • Ukrainian Economy Today: Achievements, Problems, Prospectives (2007)
  • Tactical Priorities and Strategic Goals of Ukrainian Economy (2008)

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